Grief Happens

Every one of us must endure grief, ready or not. To love is to grieve. Spousal loss is devastating to every aspect of your life and alters your future in ways you never imagined it would. Sometimes this loss weighs so heavily it feels like it could kill us.

Or worse, we wish it would. And while it is natural to want to fix and ease this pain, grief is pain that cannot be fixed. For grief is the price we pay for the amazing bond of love.

Either people dance delicately around our loss or avoid talking about it entirely. Witnessing another person’s sadness is uncomfortable, but grief also reminds us of own mortality, which makes many of us really, really uncomfortable.

But if we allow ourselves to become comfortable in uncomfortable situations (and become more empathetic in the process) we can really help a grieving person to work through their emotions and continue to move forward.

Grieve Forward is a blog about grief, but it’s also become a place to keep our loved ones’ memories alive. Advocacy opportunities have been realized here, hobbies have grown into tangible goods that support scholarships and research efforts, and most importantly, people find support.

We see you.

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