Every Stitch Tells a Story

My late husband loved my work. Just before he passed, I began crocheting a blanket he could keep with him on his hospital bed. When he passed, I spent nearly two weeks of all my free time assembling this blanket. I could think of nothing but him and just had to complete it. This piece was the beginning of BluStitch.

Once I finished, I couldn’t stop making other pieces. I had so much yarn leftover from last year and figured, why stop there? After sharing pieces on my personal social media sites, I received inquiries and orders — which I did not expect. I decided I’d continue crocheting and experiment with patterns and designs. Over time, I’ve put my endless introspection to work through my hands, and it’s paid off.

Grief comes from a huge void in our hearts. I have found that crocheting helps me channel all my thoughts and address each emotion and realization as they come. Facing these emotions head-on has helped me better process my feelings and ignited my creative spirits.